Quality and safety

Safety is our concern. To ensure quality and safety, our Quality Management System meets the demands of SFS-ISO 9001-2008.
Knowledge of standards and good practices provides an excellent platform for high quality and reliable products and systems. We supply new devices and entities in today’s demands. For existing systems we elaborate safety refit plan, which will be carried out to meet client’s operational demands.

Regular maintenance and equipment checking is intrinsically linked to the ensuring of safety.
Elaborating risk analysis and maintenance plans and load testing every fourth year are all connected to our services.

We have seen the development of safety standards since the 1980’s, and follow development in the field to the advantage of customers and users. Experience is to your benefit.

Quality Management System consists of

  • DSS_Quality Management System
  • Quality Manual
  • Appendices

Important standards for stage rigging deliveries affecting on our actions

  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • DIN 56 950: ”Entertainment Technology, Machinery Installations, Safety Requirements and Inspections”
  • CWA 15902-1: “Lifting and Load-Bearing Equipment for Stages and other Production Areas within the Entertainment Industry”
  • BGV D8+ ja C1: “Regulation on Health and Safety at Work for Staging and Production Facilities for the Entertainment Industry”
  • IEC 61 508: “Functional Safety of Electrical / Electronic / Programmable Electronic safety related systems”
  • SFS Handbook 504, Safety of machinery
  • Vnp 1314/94 Government’s Decision on the safety of machinery
  • SFS-EN ISO 12100-1 Safety of machinery
  • SFS-EN 1050 Safety of machinery, risk assessment principles
  • EMC 89/392/EEC, interference protection